Striking Gold

Purchasing a fossicking licence

All fossickers coming to the Etheridge Shire are required to purchase a Fossicking Licence.  Details regarding how to do this can be found via the link above on the Fossicking In Queensland page found on the State Government website or you can obtain one at Travellers Tavern in Georgetown.

Where to Fossick

The following people in Etheridge Shire permit fossicking on their properties if you call to request permission prior to arriving.  Please exercise caution and respect for the land you're on and make sure you leave the gates how you find them.  For example, if a gate is open when you go through it, leave it open but if it's closed make sure you close it behind you.  You do not want to be the reason all the cows get out.  Each property may have their own conditions for fossicking on their premises. Please ensure you follow their guidelines.  Good luck, we hope you leave Etheridge with gold in your pockets!

Property contact phone 
Dells Hole Kevin Young 07 4062 5534
Western Creek  Geoff Brown & Shirley Young 07 4062 5591
Flat Creek Station  Peter Henry & Adam Utschink  07 4062 5304
Mt Hogan Camilla French  07 4062 5458
Mt Talbot Malcolm & Lexi Larson 

07 4062 5450